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Setting up OpenVPN on Windows

This guide covers how to download, install, and set up OpenVPN for Windows devices.

1. Download the OpenVPN config file (OVPN) for the server you want to connect to. Each server has its own config file, so make sure you download the correct file for the server you want to use. For example, if you want to connect to our UK server, you should download the uk-1.ovpn file. (See all OpenVPN config files)
2. Download OpenVPN Connect app. Install the app
3. Launch the OpenVPN Connect
4. Select the Import Profile tab
5. Click the File tab and select the location of the file. Select the folder where the OVPN file is saved
6. Click the downloaded file and click the IMPORT button to import the file
7. Once the profile is successfully imported, you will reach the Imported Profile
8. Profile Name: any preferred name. For example: UK-1
9. username: your username
10. Check the Save password button to enable the password field
11. Password: your password
12. Click the Add button
13. A notification to establish the VPN connection will pop up. Click the OK button to establish the VPN connection
14. Once you allow the app to establish the VPN connection, it will prompt you to select the certificate. Click the Continue button on the Select Certificate popup
15. You will be connected to our VPN server through the OpenVPN Connect app. Your connection status will be displayed under the Connection Stats
16. If you wish to add another server, first download the OpenVPN config file (OVPN) for the server you want to connect to, then follow steps 3-15