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Setting up OpenVPN on macOS

This guide covers how to download, install, and set up OpenVPN for macOS devices.

1. Download the OpenVPN config file (OVPN) for the server you want to connect to. Each server has its own config file, so make sure you download the correct file for the server you want to use. For example, if you want to connect to our UK server, you should download the uk-1.ovpn file. (See all OpenVPN config files)
2. Download and install Tunnelblick
3. Launch the Tunnelblick
4. After loading Tunnelblick, drag the .ovpn file(s) of your choice to the left side of Tunnelblick, under Configurations. The icon will show a Green + icon if it’s able to accept the file
5. Choose whether you’d like all accounts on the Mac to access this configuration or only your account
6. Be sure to check the “Route all IPv4 traffic through the VPN” and the “Disable IPv6 (tun only)” options
7. Press connect in the bottom right and enter your username and password for the service. If you’d like the information to be saved each time you connect, check the “Save in Keychain” options
8. If the connection is successful, the icon in the dock will change from gray to black